NCS Team 4 and Team Simba

Following on from the success of previous engagements, we were delighted to yet again work with the amazing teams at NCS. 

If you didn’t know, NCS is a four-phase programme aimed at all teenagers aged between 15-17. Running during the months of summer and autumn, the aim of the programme is to provide a life-changing opportunity for all those that attend, as well as providing a platform of self-discovery for the young people involved. Over 500,000 young people have already participated in the programme. 

We worked with two teams from NCS this summer: NCS Team 4 and NCS Team Simba

NCS Team 4

Team 4 ran a coffee and cake morning at Durham Student Union to raise money for Moving On. The team successfully raised more than £600 from the fundraising event. The money raised was then put towards putting together unique care packages, containing daily essential items like food and washing materials. 

NCS Team Simba

Team Simba ran two similar fundraisers at St Johns Church and again at Durham Student Union. Our Chair of the Board, Nigel van Zwanenberg, paid a visit to the team during one of the fundraisers (see image below). Between the two fundraising days, Team Simba raised £546. The money that they raised was then then used to put together client goodie bags. These goodie bags will be handed over to our clients when they are in desperate need of help and comfort. 

A huge thank you to everyone from both NCS teams involved in helping raise funds and putting together the packages for Moving On Durham. We admire the enthusiasm, dedication and commitment from everyone to help our organisation in any way possible, and we are extremely proud of the bond we have forged with NCS over the last few years. Thank you!

For more information on the incredible work NCS does, then why not follow this link.

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