Coronavirus Appeal

Relationship breakdown, with friends, family or partners is one of the main causes of youth homelessness. At various points in their lives, our young people have found themselves with no support and no-one to turn to. Social distancing has come naturally to them. They now find themselves in a situation in which social distancing is forced upon them. We are seeing that anxiety and loneliness is more prevalent than ever before. Our support workers are adapting, finding new ways to reach young people and visiting the most vulnerable people, whilst maintaining safe distance.

We aim to raise money towards a Crisis First Responder. The post will increase the capacity of the Housing Support team to meet the additional needs caused by the crisis, whilst continuing to meet the everyday needs of homeless young people. Overall we aim to ensure young people are safe, healthy and well during the Coronavirus pandemic.

We are seeking to raise £15,000 towards the appeal in the next three months. Please help. Our young people rely on consistent help and support and we will do everything in our power to meet their need.

To donate today, please follow this link:

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