Wayne’s Story

Wayne is a care leaver who came to us as high risk, due to previous offending behaviour and volatile behaviour caused by mental health issues. Due to his mental health issues he struggled with basic housing tasks and living on his own. When he moved in his partner would stay at the property with him some nights.  Although high risk, Wayne worked well with us, and engaged well with his mental health worker, but he admitted daily cannabis use. He was determined to show he could live independently and not re-offend.  Shortly after moving in, his partner, found out she was pregnant.  Because of Wayne’s offending history and his partner’s age, we prepared them for social services involvement. Wayne didn’t react well to this at first and was upset and angry and feared their baby would be removed.  When baby was born, she was put on Child protection at first until they could prove they could be good parents. Wayne and his partner were still living separately. Despite all these hurdles both have engaged well with all services and completely turned things around.  Wayne has been signed off by drug and alcohol services after not using for months and has never re-offended.  Both have completed work, such as parenting classes and have been assessed by social services with no concerns.  They are now due to move back to our property as a family with baby.  We will continue to support them as a family and their next move on to independent living.

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