Views from the Frontline during COVID-19

Our support workers are continuing to work hard to meet the needs of young people during COVID-19. Over the last month we have gathered the views from two of our support workers on how the COVID-19 outbreak and lockdown is impacting our clients’ day to day lives. Names have been changed to protect identity:

“My client was struggling with her mental wellbeing before the lockdown began, so we worked closely to refer her to services that could help with these issues. Unfortunately the government lockdown put a pause on this process. I have been in contact with my client daily to ensure her mental health does not dip further due to lack of help at present, however she has used this time to self reflect and work on herself going forward. She has just recently signed up to a distance learning course from home, a level 2 in Understanding Mental Health. My client has issues with debt, but has not taken it upon herself to arrange affordable payment plans. I’m extremely pleased with how my client is handling this situation and how much she has grown as an individual”.

“My client struggles being alone. He lives by himself and feels the current lockdown is having a negative impact on his mental wellbeing. Despite the government request to stay at home, my client has disclosed to me that he is visiting a friend who lives locally so he can remain connected to those close around him. I have stressed the importance of following government guidelines during this COVID-19 lockdown. My client understood point of view, however he plans to continue visiting his friends as he believes his mental health would suffer greatly without this”.

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