Through Thick and Thin

Read how Moving On helps support Connor during his highs and lows. Please note name’s have been changed to protect the privacy of the individual.

“I found out about Moving On through their Information, Advice and Guidance service during one of their regular drop in’s. After a talk with the IAG Officer, they put me in touch with Housing Solutions (the Homeless team at the local council) as I was sofa surfing at the time – basically, I was sleeping on practically any sofa I could find. I was homeless after my family kicked me out as they struggled to cope with my bad behaviour, as well as my regular clashes with the police.

Housing Solutions put a referral into Moving On for me, and I eventually ended up living in one of their properties. After getting a support worker, one of the first things they helped me with was setting up for bills and dealing with my debt. They even supported me during one of my first meetings with the debt worker as I couldn’t face them on my own. I also didn’t really understand the benefit system, as well as Universal Credit, so they spent a lot of time breaking it down to me so I was able to understand what was going on.

I regularly attend college which helps me forget everything wrong with my life back at home. I rely on routine – even down to the smallest things – and college helps with this. I even asked if my support worker could arrange to meet me at the same time and day every week. I expected them to turn around and say no, but to my surprise they agreed to my request. Honestly, this was such a huge relief! Disruptions to my routine can put me in such a bad mood, and in the past I’ve lashed out or had really bad panic attacks because of it. My support worker found out about this, and we are now talking to a mental health GP who is helping me overcome any boundaries I have.

As I’ve briefly touched on, I don’t really speak to my family. After I got involved with the wrong crowd, my life basically fell apart and spiralled out of control. I was living recklessly and I didn’t give a second thought for anyone I was causing harm to. My lifestyle choices began to catch up with me, and I was regularly being checked by the police. This led to the falling out with my family. With the help of my support worker, we are now working with the Youth Offending Team at the local council to find different ways to keep me out of bother. I think it’s obvious to say I have a really big chip on my shoulder. Eventually I want to build a relationship with my family and friends again, but I still have a long way to go. I often have my dark days – more than I would like if I’m honest with you – but Moving On regularly ensure I remain on the right track and I’m thankful of that.

I’m now managing to maintain my tenancy and my support worker regularly compliments how tidy my house is! Without the help of Moving On and my support worker, I have no idea where I would be right now. I have had my fare share of good and bad times over the last few months, but I’m being reassured that no matter what obstacles come my way I am capable of beating it!”

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