At Moving On, my role is to work with those requiring more intensive support; These are young people who have complex needs and need enhanced support.

This means that sometimes, the little victories are the most important.

In the case of Louise, this was just getting her to the point at which she would engage with us and other professionals, in order for her to receive the multi-agency support she requires.

Louise came to us after struggling in other supported accommodation, and ‘sofa surfing’ for a number of years. She is a care leaver who had been in the system from a young age. Louise had mental health difficulties, was in an abusive relationship and was dealing with the recent heartache of the adoption of her child.

When Louise first came to us, she had a significant mistrust for any support services, and did not engage at all. She spent a number of months avoiding her support worker, despite their repeated attempts. However, after some difficult conversations, and a lot of persistence, I have been able to slowly build a trusting relationship with Louise, and I am delighted to say she is now fully engaged with the service.

While this hasn’t been a simple or easy process, and has taken a lot of time and energy, we have built a positive relationship, and the trust is now there; Louise now feels comfortable ringing me and talking openly to me about her issues. She engages well each week, and we have been finally been able to put the measures in place to help Louise achieve her desired goals.

Being a Support Worker with Moving On Durham is sometimes about patience, persistence and breaking down barriers. Our young people have often faced many traumas, trials and disappointments in their life, its our job to help them pick up the pieces and rebuild; to help them to trust again, and encourage them to engage with services.

I am happy the relationship has now developed to the point I have been able to help Louise with her plans for the future and listen to her worries and concerns which until recently had been impossible.

This may seem like a small victory, but it’s a massive achievement from a young woman who initially refused to engage with anyone. The Journey isn’t over, but I am really glad to say that we are now headed in the right direction.


Moving On Durham relies on donations to keep our support services running. Without this service, young people like Louise would be left without the care and support they need, and would very likely be made homeless once again. If you are able, please consider donating whatever you can to support our work with these extremely vulnerable young people.

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