My New Start

Read how Jane’s life has transformed since gaining independence through the help of Moving On Durham. Please note name’s have been changed to protect the privacy of the individual.

“My life totally fell apart when I was 16. I come from a mixed race background, although Dad had never really been around. It turned out that my Mam’s new boyfriend who moved in with us was a racist, and I ended up having to run away from home because the abuse got so bad. School helped me get a Social Worker and care. When I turned 17, I wanted to move out of foster care. I was really depressed, had got in with a bad group of people and had tried to end my life a few times. My Social Worker suggested I worked with Moving On Durham.

It took me a long time to trust my Support Worker, but eventually Moving On found me a new home. Once I got to know my Support Worker, I could see that she was genuinely there to help me. The support started out by helping me with benefits and budgeting, and understanding anti-social behaviour and making good choices. As time went on I was able to think more long term about my future and how to get into training and jobs. When my Mam got in touch to say she had got rid of her boyfriend, I was so nervous and angry, but my Support Worker really helped me to build bridges with my family again. This really helped with the mental health problems I was having.

I am 19 and now pregnant, and my life has changed. My Support Worker has helped me to make good choices about my own future. I’m in training for work, which I’m really excited about, and have found a new permanent home close to Mam, who has offered to help when the baby arrives. Without the help from Moving On Durham, I’m not even sure I would be on this planet, but now I’m feeling strong and healthy. For the first time in my life I’m looking forward to see what my future holds.

I could not have achieved what I have done over the last year without the help I’ve had from my Support Worker at Moving On Durham, and they can’t do what they want to do without the support from people like you. So please do whatever you can. There are too many people like me out there that need the support!”

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