Case Study: Sarah’s Story
Sarah gave birth to a healthy baby boy in May. Sarah has been living with us for several years and she has come an amazingly long way in that time. When she arrived, Sarah was nervous, vulnerable and scared, following the breakdown of a relationshp with her foster carer. In the first few months of living with us, she found it hard to trust her support worker, and suffered with severe mental health challenges.

Sarah’s support worker, Joanne, refused to give up. After six months, Sarah began to accept Joanne and a trusting relationship started to grow. They worked together to get support for Sarah’s mental health and engage with other services. Over time, Sarah’s mental health started to improve.

Following a brief relationship, Sarah became pregnant. Joanne and Sarah agreed a plan of action to help maintain a healthy pregnancy and Sarah’s social worker was happy with the progress she was making. Throughout the Covid lockdown, Joanne maintained contact through regular messages and phone contact. In a sign of her growing maturity and independence, Sarah has managed superbly well.

One evening, Joanne received a phone call from Sarah, asking her to be birthing partner. Birthing partners are normally chosen from the people you most trust and fell closest to. It showed the distance this relationship had come that Sarah chose Joanne. The following day Sarah went into labour and gave birth to a healthy baby boy. We are all very proud of her and look forward to meeting her little bundle of joy.

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