Building Trust

Read how Adam has learnt to trust others by building a relationship with his worker at Moving On Durham. Please note name’s have been changed to protect the privacy of the individual.

“Being a care leaver can be a lonely and isolating experience for anyone. I found out about Moving On through my social worker. At 17, it was time for me to start thinking about where I was going to live, so I agreed to go for a meeting with Moving On and my social worker. We talked about where I would want to live and what support Moving On offers. They told me that I would have an allocated support worker who would help and support me with practical skills.

It wasn’t until I moved in to my property that I discovered I had no idea how to wash clothes, how to cook or even tidy up after myself, even though my worker went through the basics of managing a tenancy on numerous occasions. Looking back now I didn’t take much notice of my support worker as I was more interested in hanging out with my mates. For a few weeks I would hide unwashed cups and plates thinking my support worker would never find them, let alone actually care. Surprise, they eventually did find them – they must have some sort of sixth sense about these things!

Every week my Moving On support worker came without fail, and even when I wasn’t in they would continue to come back, often more than once a week to help me. I guess when you’ve never really had someone care about you, it can be a bit hard to accept it at first. I decided to come clean about how I was struggling to cope living on my own which to be honest I was embarrassed about admitting.

It’s taken some time but I’ve been reassured along the way that it doesn’t matter how long it takes me, everyone copes and learns at a different pace. I now know how to actually cook a few meals, wash up and care take of my clothes. To someone reading this they may think it’s pretty easy to wash up or wash clothes, but when no one tells you how much washing up liquid or detergent to use, it can be a bit messy, and very embarrassing.

With the help of my support worker at Moving On, we’ve now started looking at apprenticeships in plumbing as I want to do something practical as I don’t want to be stuck in a classroom all the time, so it should be a good fit for me. We’ve visited a couple of colleges and spoken to tutors about the course and now we’re completing the application form – fingers crossed!

I couldn’t imagine what my home would look like without the help and guidance of my support worker. I’m glad I’ve been able to trust someone who has believed in me, and now I feel like I can finally make something of my life with the help of Moving On.”

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